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Saturday, July 23, 2011

K-Lite mega Codec pack

We all at one time or another have had the issue whereby we want to watch a video clip and we can`t because of codecs. Over the past few years developers have been trying to come up with a video format that occupy as little space as possible without compromising the quality. This has given birth to formats such as matroska video(.mkv),  Adobe flash video(.flv), DVix, Xvid, avi, ogg, mp4, real media video, m4v, among many others. Whenever you try to watch a movie in one of these formats you are asked to download a codec that supports that format or a media player. The solution to all these media formats is called K-Lite mega codec pack. K-Lite mega codec pack has codecs that supports all these and many other video formats. All you need to do is to download it and install it, and that`s it. the codecs will be available to any installed media  player and you`ll be able to watch any video you want in any format. K-Lite mega codec pack also comes with a media player classic home cinema. The other good feature is that it support x86 and 64-bit systems


If you want more information about it click here. To download a copy click here. I recommend that you download and install a copy of K-Lite codec pack


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