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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I`ve always wanted to have a copy of all my mails available locally so that in case am somewhere with connectivity issues i can still access my mail. There an application called GMAIL BACK UP. this is a standalone application that allows you to log into your gmail account and locallly back up all you mail. it save the backed up content in .eml format which allows other applications to access the content. the other thing i like about it is that it backs up your mails including the attachements and it has a small memory footprint compared to other clients such as thunderbird. for further information click  HERE  and if you`re interested in downloading the application click DOWNLOAD GMAIL BACKUP

 check out this screenshot of Gmail Backup

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Using microsft tool to test your network connections

 Recently i`ve been having network connection issues in our LAN. i had to use MS DOS commands to test for connectivity and for those who are familiar with MS DOS it`s not a walk in Uhuru Park. I came across a tool that proved to be pretty useful. it a Batch file that tests you connectivity issues using CMD commands, it`s made it easy for everyone. even with IT knowledge you can still use it. if you want a copy for yourself go to Network Test tool and download a copy