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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reviewing The latest Intel Processors

A review of enterprise servers processors click this   Reviewing The Newest Intel Processors
if you also want to get useful information about the latest Intel Processors click here

iolo Drive Scrubber

Hi guys, you remember my last post was about recovering deleted data, This time I am showing you the way to delete an object and make sure it`s unrecoverable using Drive scrubber. Basically what happens when you delete an object is that the delete button initiates an algorithm that rearranges the binary or hex characters on your hard disk blocks. Recovering deleted data is simply reversing this algorithm. To prevent anyone from recovery data that you deleted you can use a drive scrubber. Drive scrubbers use multiple delete algorithm making it impossible to recover the data.


iolo drive scrubber is a premium product worth every penny. it`s really good to the point where U.S Department of Defense say that it meets and exceeds standards for data removal.
If you work in corporate company that deals with sensitive data that you don`t want recovered when you dispose IT assets, then you need to get this

 for more information about it click here. to download a trial version click here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We`ve all once deleted a document or formatted our hard drives unintentionally. There is a realible solution to these accidents called DiskDigger. DiskDigger is more than your usual undelete utility, it does a recovery on sector by sector basis on the hard disk, flash drives, e.t.c. It is also easy to use. all you have to do is select the drive, then select a file type you want to recover. it can also search .ISO images for missing or existing files


if you want to download a copy click here
For more information about DiskDigger click here

Monday, July 25, 2011

ShutDown timer

       Now this is one application that you need to get. Shutdown timer is a automation utility software that can power off and on the PC depending on the user requirements. we all have ever had the issue whereby we were downloading . Shutdown Timer can shutdown, restart, log off, lock, hibernate and standby your system based on certain options, such as Date/Time; CPU & Memory Usage; CPU Temperature, Network Usage and Process
       The application waits for any of a number of trigger conditions, and will execute an operation once it occurs. That's right--you can shut down your computer at the end of the day, and not have to wait for it to boot in the morning. Simply have Shutdown Timer wake it up a few moments before you come into the office. If you use a password to log in to Windows, Shutdown Timer won't log in for you, but you will still save a few moments of sitting there and staring at the screen while your computer boots.


For more information about shutdown timer click here.
To download a copy click here

Saturday, July 23, 2011

K-Lite mega Codec pack

We all at one time or another have had the issue whereby we want to watch a video clip and we can`t because of codecs. Over the past few years developers have been trying to come up with a video format that occupy as little space as possible without compromising the quality. This has given birth to formats such as matroska video(.mkv),  Adobe flash video(.flv), DVix, Xvid, avi, ogg, mp4, real media video, m4v, among many others. Whenever you try to watch a movie in one of these formats you are asked to download a codec that supports that format or a media player. The solution to all these media formats is called K-Lite mega codec pack. K-Lite mega codec pack has codecs that supports all these and many other video formats. All you need to do is to download it and install it, and that`s it. the codecs will be available to any installed media  player and you`ll be able to watch any video you want in any format. K-Lite mega codec pack also comes with a media player classic home cinema. The other good feature is that it support x86 and 64-bit systems


If you want more information about it click here. To download a copy click here. I recommend that you download and install a copy of K-Lite codec pack

Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Network Attached Storage

Hi guys, I`d like to apologize for going MIA  for a while. From today I`II be posting new posts everyday. Now down to business. We all like to upgrade computers or buy news. Most of the time we always look for another buyer to purchase the old PCs or we end up dumping the old PC. recently i realized that you can still make use of your old PC. The other day I came across a software called FreeNAS. FreeNAS is actually free network attached storage software. A Network attached storage is a data storage connected to a computer network. By now you`re familiar with home networks whereby you have a high-speed internet connection connected to several PCs, laptops, HDTV or smart phones at home either wired or wireless. You can further improve this network by adding a network attached storage in this home network where you`ll be storing  movies, music, and media files that can be accessed anywhere within the network. Manufacturers such as HP have products like HP EX470 MediaSmart Server which serve the same purpose but at a much higher cost. FreeNAS is more cost effective because it adds these features to your old PC at very little cost. FreeNas is a freeware and anyone can download it any time and follow the instructions on how to implement it. the basic feature set that comes with freeNas are
  1. Web User interface
  2. Command Line Interface
  3. Zeta File System
  4. Snap Shots
  5. Backup and Restore
  6. 10Gig Ether drivers
  7. Thin provisioning
  8. File sharing and many others
Initial web interface configuration

The other really good feature about it is once you have installed and it`s running. It doesn`t need a keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected for it to work. It can be accessed remotely through a command line or a web interface.
If you want to download a copy of  FreeNAS click here. For more information on FreeNAS click here