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Thursday, July 28, 2011

iolo Drive Scrubber

Hi guys, you remember my last post was about recovering deleted data, This time I am showing you the way to delete an object and make sure it`s unrecoverable using Drive scrubber. Basically what happens when you delete an object is that the delete button initiates an algorithm that rearranges the binary or hex characters on your hard disk blocks. Recovering deleted data is simply reversing this algorithm. To prevent anyone from recovery data that you deleted you can use a drive scrubber. Drive scrubbers use multiple delete algorithm making it impossible to recover the data.


iolo drive scrubber is a premium product worth every penny. it`s really good to the point where U.S Department of Defense say that it meets and exceeds standards for data removal.
If you work in corporate company that deals with sensitive data that you don`t want recovered when you dispose IT assets, then you need to get this

 for more information about it click here. to download a trial version click here


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