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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Connectify -Create your free Wifi Hotspot

Recently I discovered a very useful application at a friend`s place. I bet some of you have bought a wireless router or are planning to buy a one so that you can connect your laptops or smart phones to your wired internet connection. For almost two years there has been a much cheaper solution out there called CONNECTIFY. Simply put connectify turns your windows laptop in a wireless access point.

you can share your 3G broadband connection with your smartphone instead of buying different bundles from your smartphone and PC modem.

 Other than sharing internet connection. you can;
  •  Create small local wireless network where you can share files by simple a ' Drag and Drop ' 
  • Secure your wireless connection using WPA, or WEP
  • Share internet with other laptops, or PCs
  • Connect to any other WIFI enabled device such as a printer of a TV
If you want to download connectify click DOWNLOAD
For more information CLICK HERE

OR you can checkout this YouTube video about connectify