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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SALUTO Anti-frustration software

for the few of us who still run XP. ever had an issue whereby your PC takes too long to boot. Saluto has developed an anti-frustration software that is going to relieve off some of your frustrations.

In a editorial review of saluto by Preston Gralla of PC world, he explains that;
Soluto runs in the background and watches what programs and services load when you log in. It then analyzes how long each of them takes, and categorizes them according to whether they are required for Windows, potentially removable from Windows boot, or are instead a "No-brainer" that can easily be removed from boot. It bases this information on what the company calls the Soluto PC Genome, a database about many PC applications that the company has put together.
It then shows you details about each application and service, by category of whether they can be removed each of those programs, and lets you determine whether you want to allow the program to remain in the Windows boot, whether you want to Pause it (which means you'll have to start the program manually), or whether you want to delay it, which means that Soluto will allow the program to load, but not at boot time. In that way, you'll boot more quickly, but the program will still be available after several minutes.
I found that Soluto worked quite well. It cut about 30 seconds from my normal boot time of around three minutes and fifteen seconds.

Screen shot of saluto

if you want to download a beta copy of Saluto click here.
if you want to access the main Saluto site click here


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