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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Re- Enable

Recently my PC got infected by the Trojan that infects Autorun.inf file. Basically this Trojan has a habit of disabling the task manager, device manager, registry editor, system restore among many other administrative functions. The first time i got infected with this a similar Trojan, it had not gone as far as disabling the registry, so i cleaned it with an anti-virus then had to re-enable the other administrative functions in the registry. Trust me, if you don`t know your way around the registry you will have trouble doing this. Tangosoft.co.uk came up with Re-Enable which simplifies the whole process of re enabling administrative function by a simple click. It is so simple and straight forward to use.
  Screen shot;

The software has the capability to restore functionality to these Windows features
1. Windows Registry
2. Command Line Tool
3. Windows Task Manager
4. System Restore Config
5. Folder Options
6. Run command
7. My Computer
8. Task Scheduler
9. Right Click Context menu
10. Ms-Config (Xp only)
11. Control Panel

The major requirement is that it requires a .Net framework
It`s good to have this app stored somewhere just in case you or your friend falls victim to one of those viruses or Trojans that disables administrative functionality.
To download Re-Enable Click Here

For more information Click Here


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