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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Optimize your memory with MINIMEM

We all have been in a situation whereby you run a certain program, then the PC really slows down. Since am a developer i run mozilla firefox and Netbeans IDE simultaneously most of the time when working on a project, Mozilla alone used to consume up to 400MB of physical memory and when you add Netbeans in the mix, life became less interesting. that was until i discovered Minimem. Minimen is a freeware from Kerkia that optimizes memory usage to improve performance and response rate. It enables the user to choose a program and limit the max physical memory it can use. Minimem did help me sought out the issues such as Mozilla memory footprint and allowed me to run other applications simultaneously. it unfortunately it is available on windows only
For more information on Minimem Click Here. Download your copy 32 bit Minimem or 64 bit Minimem


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